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Time to prepare the notice to the migration service

As a reminder to employers, not later than 30 April 2017, you must notify the migration service on payment of wages to highly qualified specialists. Now we report for the first quarter of this year.
Always recommend to apply in person to Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia, but it is also possible to send the notification mail. Training notifications are always best left to professionals, employees of Smithbridge Consulting Services will assist you in this matter.

Each region will set their own minimum wages

Soon the minimum wage (SMIC) can be set for each subject of the Russian Federation. Yet the minimum wage is uniform for the whole territory of the Russian Federation and is 7500 rubles, from 1 July 2017 – 7800 rubles. We remind employers that, in the regions could still be agreed minimum wage is another variable. Assigning salaries to employees, check whether you have it at least by the government of Your subject, if Yes – charges shall not be less than the prescribed amount, if not the charge should not be less than the minimum wage.
Have questions about payroll? Contact the specialists Smithbridge!


Apply personally

Often companies face a problem when the deadline is running out, and the penalty did not want to pay. In such cases, the «magic wand» becomes a mail. This possibility is used, for example, an accountant at the time statements, or companies working with foreigners, for different notifications. By law, the responsibility of the sender at the time the documents shall be deemed fulfilled upon affixing postal stamp with the date on the inventory investment.
In Russian judicial practice there are cases of poor execution of duties by the postal authorities. For example, the postmaster may fail to register a letter or a package may be lost. All risks of late delivery of documents will be borne by the sender.
Having extensive experience with documents and authorities, experts recommend Smithbridge companies personally to submit documents to the court and to the mark on the second copy. In our view, this will reduce the likelihood of inspections and the risk of prosecution for late delivery.

Registration of companies in «one window»

Did You know that almost a year to register a company through a notary? Signature on application is always assured by the notary, it is compulsory. A year ago, the notaries got an additional option to send documents electronically to the tax and in the same manner to obtain the result. A very handy feature, don’t have to go to court and stand in line. Moreover, 2017 certificate of registration no longer issued. Lawyers Smitbridge will help to prepare documents for registration of a company to avoid failure and wasted time and money on re-filing.

New restrictions on the positions of foreigners with patents

Foreigners with patents no longer able to work as teachers, lawyers, accountants and even office workers, but rather employees engaged in the preparation of the documents and supporting activities to ensure the work of the office. Such a ban is introduced in the Leningrad region, approved only 13 posts, for which it is impossible to employ foreigners who make patents. It is interesting to imagine citizens of other States as a teacher or consultant in Russian law.

The employment contract may be electronic

Fes proposes to enter into a «virtual» employment contracts. The parties will be sufficient to visit the portal, fill in your details, put «Daw» in the right places, and a pattern is formed. The document does not need to certify a digital signature, it will be easy to print. Innovation is explained by the fact that the labour contract in electronic format will be easier to make with remote workers, which, unfortunately, not always employers make the employment relationship «on paper». It is unclear what is the convenience of such a contract, if you sign it only in printed form. Practice will show, and yet continue to work with paper documents. Have questions about the registration of labor relations? Smitbridge experts will analyze the current and help to properly execute a new employment contract, are waiting for your applications!   

Сertificate of registration cancelled        

Be careful at reception of documents on state registration of companies and individual entrepreneurs instead of evidence now available leaves entries from the registry. Little has changed and the type of evidence INN – form remained the same, but the document is issued a «yellow» form, and on an ordinary sheet. Changes have been recently introduced, so at first it’s unsurprising the question «where are the originals?», this document will be familiar.
On state registration, contact the experts Smitbridge, we will be glad to offer You the necessary support in the preparation of documents.

 Sold a cheap apartment – and pay the tax expensive

It is no secret that many sell property at a price much lower than the real, and often its cadastral value. Lawyers Smitbridge note that from 2017 a new rule: if the income from the sale of real estate much below its value, the tax will have to pay on the basis of the cadastral value of the property, multiplied by a factor of 0.7

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